101 Negotiation Skills In Soft Skills Training

 101 Negotiation Skills In Soft Skills Training

Here we will discuss 101 Negotiation Skills In Soft Skills Training. In Soft Skill Training Negotiation has played a vital role because In Soft Skills Training Negotiation is First and Important skills for completion of Objective. Soft Skill Training is complete without Negotiation skills. So We will understand 101 aspects of Negotiation Skills in Soft Skill Training.This post is about How To Win Negotiation.

Therefore Professionals should focus on the technique of Negotiation skills as well as Planning and Execution.first of all focus on the result it may be varied as per our expectation.Finally, we have to learn Negotiation Skills because every profession based on Good Negotiation skill.

Almost all people in an organization focus on the effective result and bring profit to the organization, therefore almost all peoples should focus different aspects of negotiation skills so it will bring clarity to mission and vision, maybe all peoples and employee of an organization develop simultaneously and ready to change.

1- Negotiation Planning-Because Negotiation Planning is the path to achieving objective successfully.

It’s a roadmap for Negotiation planning as well as a strategy for Negotiation.because before initiate negotiation process professionals should focus on Negotiation objective.

2- Influence Of Negotiate-therefore almost all people influence for Negotiation.so result of the action is huge and profitable.

Setup Surrounding for Negotiation because surrounding should set up.because Professionals should have the capability to influence people so objective will complete.

3- Emotional Intelligence-

EQ played a vital role in the push off because emotion has value. because  Money cannot buy anything so professionals should use EQ for Negotiation.may be it develop interpersonal skills and business acumen on it.

4- Communication-therefore effective communication is the source of the result.

Effective communication as well as the simple understanding of the objective.

5- Hard Bargaining-because everybody needs win-win situation on both the end all so focus on profitability.

Playing for the win-win situation as well as winner attitude.therefore Hard Bargaining is helping for profit and growth in an organization.

6- Diplomacy- therefore Diplomacy belongs to achieve the objective with the care of others feelings.

Communicate People without hurting feeling as well as personal integrity.

7- Selling-almost all organizations are the focus on direct or indirect sales revenue.

Selling Product, Feeling, Objective as well as humanity.

8- Decision Making-so to increase decision-making capability almost all peoples focus on decision making.

Take decision towards the objective as well as mission.First Of All Focus on Alternatives & Prioritising.

9- Soft Skills- All So Managing People With Attitude.

Soft on verbal communication so people should respect you.therefore always focus on soft skills for the accomplishment of the objective.

Now we will discuss deeply on the above Negotiation skills on soft skills training which gives us result as well as successful professionals

Negotiation Planning: Because it is the first step for Effective Negotiation.

10- Research. as a result of taking a decision.
11- Goal & Objective Planning. as a result of setting Goals and Objectives.
12- Identifying & Prioritizing Alternatives.
13- Identifying & Validating Assumptions.

Influence To Negotiate:

14-Persuasion. as a result of Influence Peoples and drive for the result.
15-Pitching Ideas & Proposals. therefore Placement of Ideas on solutions.
16-Public Speaking, therefore, peoples finally respond to your ideas.
19-Conflict Resolution.
21-Establishing Authority.
22-Establishing Rapport & Trust.
23-Managing Relationship.
24-Creative Questioning.
25-Identifying Need.
26-Ability to Simplifying Complex Ideas.
27-Establishing Common Ground.
28-Win Win Thinking.
30-Establishing Social Proof
31-Demonstration Good Faith.
32-Ability To See Other Peoples View.

Complex Negotiation: because you can not control the complexity of Negotiation.

33- Negotiation Across Boundaries.
34- Multi-Party Negotiation.
35- International Business Negotiation.
36- Establishing Partnership & Alliance.
37- Meditation.

Emotional Intelligence: Finally EQ for Self Management.therefore  most of all the work has done.

38- Observing & Analyzing Emotions.
39- Separation the people from the problem.
40- Empathy.
41- Optimism.
42- Humor.
43- Ability To Take Criticism.
44- Self Control.
45- Recognise Attempts To Trigger Emotional Responses.
46- Deflecting Personal Attack.
47- Adjusting to Social Norms.
48- Quick Response.
49- Endurance & Persistence.

Communication: Because For Effective Action. Most of all people are good persons and they are not a good communicator. 

50- Verbal Communication.
51-Visual Communication.
52- Social Intelligence.
53-Active Listening.
54-Using Silence.
55-Body Language.
56-Strong Eye Contact.
57-First Impression.

Hard Bargaining: So For Business Profitability.as a result for business growth.

58- Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.
59- Bluffing. maybe it hampers to others.
60-Divide & Concur.
61-Defense In Depth.
62- Switching Barriers.
63- Buying Time.
64- Bogey.

Diplomacy: As Well As Managing Positive Situation.As A Result of Positive Environment at Work Place.therefore every person of an organization first of all focus on others feeling.

65- Diplomatic Strategy.
66- Politics.
67- Advocacy.
68- Positive Word with Negative Body Language.
69- Saying No With Positive Words.
70- Diplomatic Language.
71- Politeness.
72- Calling Bluffs And Naming Negotiation Tricks.
73- Building Retreat Path.
74- Use Of Objective Criteria.
75- Anchoring.
76-Avoiding Escalation.

Selling: Because Selling Matters First Of All It Bring Profit.so every organization much more focus on direct sales and indirect sales.Most of all company has separate focused peoples for sales.

77- Sales Strategy.
78-Identifying Customer Requirements And Needs.
79- Developing Proposals.
80- Sales Pitching.
81- Answering Customer Questions.
82- Customer Relationship Management.
83- Selling Products Benefit.
84-Analysis Customer Buying Cycle.
85- Analysis Customer Side Politics.
86- Foot In The Door Techniques.
87- Door In The Face Techniques.
88-Closing Deals.
89-Nibbling & Upselling.

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Decision Making: Therefore Decision Making Is Very Important Part Of Negotiation Skills.

90-Strategic Decision Making. it may be right or wrong decision so leaders should take a strategic decision.
91- Tactical Decision Making.
92- Information Analysis. almost all leaders have collected more information before taking any strategic or tactical decision.
93- Modelling Business Decisions.
94- Problem Solving.
95- Dealing with Ambiguity.
96- Accountability.

Soft Skills:

97- Leadership. almost all people have the capability of leadership and lead the team.
98-Planning & Scheduling.as a result Time Management and objective management will achieve.
99-Time Management.therefore priority management will happen.
100-Meeting Management.Finally, Leadership and Time Management are key points for Meeting Management.
101-Cross-Cultural Competency. because almost all people have the competency for manage and success in another situation.

we are discussing the different aspects of Negotiation skills and key practice of it.finally in addition to every persons and employee focus on People Management and Communication skills.Almost all the persons and employees are not focused on these soft skills.

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